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라이카 GeoMoS

Automatic deformation monitoring system

For monitoring professionals who need to quickly understand and react to complex demands of today’s monitoring projects, Leica GeoMoS is a solution that provides needed flexibility to their projects. With scalable softwares, options and various licensing packages, Leica GeoMoS family adapts to specific needs of any user. Suitable for continuous or periodic projects, a complete monitoring solution is offered with the highest accuracy and reliability.
With more than 20 years of monitoring experience and support from a team of highly experienced engineers, Leica GeoMoS is a vital partner in a wide range of monitoring challenges!
Data   Core software   Visualisation & reporting  
Leica GeoMoS supports connection to any monitoring sensor or software, either Leica Geosystems or any third party. Flexible communication options allow seamless connection, sensor control and instant data storage and analysis. Leica GeoMoS API allows the combination of GeoMoS data into your own system. Automated data streams using numerous open-interface standards enable simple, yet powerful sensor fusion. GeoMoS Monitor ensures a round-the-clock measurement cycle with sensor scheduling and can store all important data in just one SQL database.   Geodetic, geotechnical, environmental, or any other sensor data acquisition is accurately and reliably ensured via outlier detection, data validation, filtering and automatic remeasurement. If the system status and the limit check of critical observations is active, responsible people are informed in a timely matter using various messaging options (email, SMS, alert). Advanced mathematical computation and a combination of observations from different sensors ensure the most accurate stability of your monitoring.   Powerful, versatile and highly customisable, the GeoMoS Now! service can be installed locally or used in the cloud, allowing you to access results anytime and anywhere. Receive accurate and timely overviews on the status of projects by using a range of easy-toconfigure graphs, images, maps, tables and deformation scans with no knowledge of web design needed. Add external links to your project or use the GeoMoS Now! API to securely include project visuals to any web page. Assign multiple viewers to a single project and distribute customised reports to any number of users.  

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국가 선택후 [확인]을 눌러 가까운 라이카 지오시스템즈의 지사와 연락하십시오.


라이카 GeoMos Web 평가판 라이센스

기존 및 신규 GeoMos 사용자에게 "라이카 GeoMos 평가판 라이센스"를 제공합니다. 라이카 GeoMos를 30일 동안 사용할수 있는 프로그램입니다. 자세한 정보는 가까운 판매처에 문의하십시오.



Leica GeoMoS Now!
Create your personalised monitoring web site
Leica GeoMoS HiSpeed
Analyse Fast Movements and Deformations in Real-Time
라이카 GeoMoS Adjustment
자동 네트워크 조정 및 변위 분석
라이카 M-Com
모니터링 플러그 & 플레이 통신 솔루션
라이카 GNSS Spider
GNSS 네트워크 프로 비지니스 솔루션