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 Lyonnaise des Eaux chooses Leica Zeno CS25
 Leica Zeno GIS advances Brazilian water utility asset management
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Lyonnaise des Eaux chooses Leica Zeno CS25

Lyonnaise des eaux provides 12 million residents with drinking water and cleans waste water for more than 9.5 million people in France. Involved throughout the entire great water cycle, the company works with communities, residents, property holding administrators, industries and farmers to ensure efficient and respectful management of water and the environment. Water health is the company’s primary concern. It is against this backdrop that Lyonnaise des Eaux has opted to acquire a GPS solution from Leica Geosystems to acquire high-precision GNSS data with real-time differential correction.



라이카 CS25 plus
내구성이 뛰어난 타블렛 컴퓨터  자세히
Leica CS25 GNSS plus
The ultimate high-accuracy tablet  자세히
Leica Zeno Connect
A tool for 3rd party applications  자세히
Leica Zeno GG03
Upgradeable GNSS/GIS SmartAntenna  자세히