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 Building wealth from the air
 Leica Zeno GIS for efficient management of irrigation networks
 Lyonnaise des Eaux chooses Leica Zeno CS25
 Leica Zeno GIS advances Brazilian water utility asset management
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Building wealth from the air

The history of the Republican Agricultural Aerophotogeodetic Unitary Enterprise (BelPSHAGI) goes back to 1950, when the West Aerophotogeodetic Enterprise of the Soviet Union Office ‘Selkhozaerosyomka’ of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR was established. At that time, the company carried out full-cycle field and aerophotogeodetic works to create planand-cartographic materials, which was indispensable for land management of collective and state farms (kolkhozs and sovkhozs) in the Republic of Belarus, the Baltic Republics, as well as Kaliningrad and Smolensk regions of Russia.