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Software Partner

Leica DISTO™ Software Partners
The companies listed below are certified developer of (third party) software that can be used with our bluetooth devices Leica DISTO™ plus, A6 and D8. Details like "for which profession is the software or which languages do they offer?" you will find in the enclosed xls-file.
By clicking on one of these links, you are leaving our site and entering another site that we do not control and for which we cannot be responsible. You should carefully review the privacy statements or policies on any other site that you visit because those privacy statements or policies will apply to your visit to that site and may be very different from our policy.
  •     http://www.alamode.com/
  •     http://www.apexwin.com/
  •     http://www.buildware.com/
  •     http://www.carpetsoftware.com/
  •     http://www.cats-soft.de/
  •     http://www.curamess.com/
  •     http://www.floorcoveringsoft.com/
  •     http://www.floorestimator.com/
  •     http://www.floorsoft.com/
  •     http://www.graebert.co.uk/
  •     http://www.interioreview.com/
  •     http://www.kubit-software.com/
  •     http://www.maltbysurveys.com/
  •     http://www.measurebyrfms.com/
  •     http://www.miniplan.co.uk/
  •     http://www.movecorp.co.jp/
  •     http://www.mwm.de/
  •     http://www.sander-doll.com/
  •     http://www.sieval.com/
  •     http://www.solatech.com/
  •     http://www.steel-graphics.com/
  •     http://www.symbility.net/
  •     http://www.tarheeltech.com/
  •     http://www.xactimate.com/


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    Which software is the best for you and your profession? You can also download the file - please use the link on the left side