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Leica Captivate

Software with familiar apps and easy-to-use touch technology
Leica Captivate is a industry-revolutionising software for a variety of measurement instruments, including MultiStations and total stations, that creates the most realistic 3D renderings with familiar apps and easy-to-use touch technology.
Capture and manage complex data like never before with the new Leica Captivate software. You can span industries and applications with little more than a simple swipe with the new software for Leica Geosystems’ renowned high-precision measurement instruments.

Captivate Zone

Leica Captivate is an immersive experience
that truly becomes an extension of you.
Visit the Captivate Zone and Be Captivated.

Leica Captivate Video

With Leica Captivate onboard, experience the all-encompassing solution of:
  • A new generation of Leica Nova and Viva Total Stations and MultiStation with ATRplus, the world’s first self-learning total stations and MultiStation
  • Mobile power in your hands with the new Leica CS20 remote and Leica CS35 tablet installed with Leica Captivate for an enjoyable experience on the go
  • Familiar apps and easy-to-use touch technology to create the most accurate and realistic 3D renderings of any jobsite
  • Leica Geosystem’s trusted services with a global support network of online and professional team assistance available anywhere, anytime

Incredibly easy software, instruments you trust, help that is only a click away – these combine to form the all-encompassing solution of the Leica Captivate Experience for your most challenging demands.

Leica Captivate Training Videos

Learn how to work with the various instruments powered with the revolutionary Leica Captivate touch-technology software.
 Watch the videos


Streaming Videos

Acc. Surveying & Engineering
Product Overview Accessories
라이카 Nova MS60
세계최초의 자가학습이 가능한 멀티스테이션
라이카 Nova TS60
실감나는 경험을 통한 이해하기 쉬운기술.
Leica Viva TS16
Self-learning in any application
라이카 CS20 & CS35
더 넓은 화면, 명확한 데이터, 손안의 경쟁력
라이카 Infinity
현장에 맞는 최적의 소프트웨어
라이카 Viva GS15
Your vision becomes a reality at the intersection of precise and current data.
Leica Viva GS16
Industry leading self-learning GNSS smart antenna