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Leica Rugby 610, 620 & 640

Your reliable partner on site
Fit, fast, tough – Select the perfect team player for your site
Leica Rugby lasers are the toughest rotating lasers suitable for all construction applications. Level, align and square much quicker than ever before, eliminating costly errors and downtime.

Protect by Leica Geosystems

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3 Years No Cost Period Extension

Guarenteed best-in-class service at no additional charge to you. Register your product within 8 weeks from the purchase date in MyWorld and extend your no cost period.  more

Laser Calibration Services

Click here to learn more about the Laser Calibration Services provided to you by Leica Geosystems and the Leica CalMaster.

Leica Rugby 610 rotating laser - One button simplicity 
  • Simple and reliable, one button laser where no mistakes are possible
  • Superb performance with all Leica Rod Eye receivers – extend your working range using the Rod Eye 140 Classic and the Rod Eye 160 Digital

Leica Rugby 620 rotating laser - Simple and reliable – no mistakes possible

  • Concrete forming, pad placement and framework levelling; setting foundations and footings has never been more efficient
  • Slope matching up to 8% in single axis

Leica Rugby 640G/640 rotating laser - Versatility inside and outside

  • New green diode technology in the Rugby 640G provides outstanding visibility for indoor applications
  • Fit for any interior and exterior levelling, aligning and squaring application
  • Work conveniently with offsets thanks to the Rod Eye receivers digital read-out
  • Scan 90 – make layout easier by quickly moving the beam to the left or right side
  • Plumb Down – automatic and accurate plum down direction for alignment over a reference point
  • Sleep Mode – save battery and put the Leica Rugby into sleep mode without disturbing your set up


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Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital
Professional receiver
Leica Rod Eye 140 Classic
High application performance
Leica Rod Eye 120G
High application performance
라이카 Rod Eye 베이직
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