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Leica iCON gps 80

Increasing productivity - Maximizing uptime
The Leica iCON gps 80 GNSS machine receiver takes machine control to the next level.
The iCG80 GNSS receiver in combination with CGA 60 GNSS antenna increases the performance of your iCON machine control solution, allowing you to work more productively than ever before.

Complete solution for system integrators

The Leica iCON gps 80 GNSS machine receiver is the perfect partner for all your machine control solutions. With its centimeter accuracy, flexibility and future-proof technology, you can guarantee an increase in machine and site productivity.

Increase the uptime of your dozers, excavators, drilling and dredging machines, wheel loaders, graders and pavers. Profit from fast, reliable 3D positioning and highly productive operation by a perfectly tuned machine control system.

Key benefits

  • Improved sensor integration into the machine solution for even more automatic handling, ease-of-use and speed of work
  • Increased performance and productivity – all parts of the system fit together seamlessly
  • CAN bus protocol especially designed for GNSS machine control, provides robust and reliable communication, more uptime
  • Flexible communication thanks to the built-in modem and removable radios
  • xRTK allows machine guidance in difficult environments, increasing machine productivity
  • SmartLink – bridges RTK communication gaps up to 10 minutes
  • Leica iCON telematics provides remote access to the machine computer for fast, perfect data transfer and support

Maximum performance for all your machine applications

The iCON gps 80 GNSS machine receiver increases the overall performance of your machine control system and ensures maximum uptime, enabling you to complete different applications faster at uncompromising quality.

The most versatile, powerful GNSS machine receiver

All GNSS relevant information is available on the built-in display. No separate controller or device needed to configure the receiver.   Easy firmware update and data exchange via USB stick.   Flexible communication with built-in modem, slot-in radio or external radio. Easy switch between radio and modem usage.   Clearly labeled connectors for easy system installation.

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Leica xRTK

The unique Leica xRTK technology provides reliable positions in difficult measuring environments. It provides the highest availability in the most
difficult GNSS conditions at a slightly lower accuracy than a standard RTK fix.

Leica SmartLink

SmartLink pushes boundaries by increasing centimetre position availability in areas where RTK communication links are unstable.
Often UHF radio or the cell phone communication links are interrupted. The SmartLink service, delivered via satellite, bridges RTK communication outages for up to 10 minutes providing uninterrupted centimetre positioning.


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